How to Force Bloglovin Readers Visiting Your Blog - MUST READ!

Bloglovin users can access bloglovin using web browsers or Bloglovin App (iOS & Android)

Web Browsers

By default, If one of your articles get featured and when people read your article on bloglovin using web browser, they are accessing the bloglovin frame like this: (click to see)

Some blog owners don't want their readers get redirected to this frame URL, and they want to get rid of that frame. If you are thinking the same, simply use the javascript code below and paste it before the </head> of your WordPress script (header.php), the script is called "frame buster" which break the bloglovin frame and readers will access your full blog URL.

<!-- frame buster -->
<script type="text/javascript">
 if (top.location != self.location)
top.location = self.location;

Bloglovin APP (iOS & Android)

The real problem occurs when people read your article from the bloglovin app, whenever they browse and read some blog posts, they will likely access bloglovin post page instead of accessing your blog directly.

For example, see this bloglovin account (click here) when people read her posts using Bloglovin APP (Android/iOS), they will access the blog page version like this page. At this point you may think "why is bloglovin takes all my content" - Continue reading...

Guess what the readers will do when they finished reading your article? They won't visit your blog and browse for other readings. You'll notice less visitors to your blog.

See? All of your hard work become less effective, and this is not a good practice. You see the problem is, people don't really pay a visit to your site, they just read your post on Bloglovin page, and you are losing $$$. (especially if you monetize your blog using some PPC like Adsense or Affiliate Programs). All links won't be alive on bloglovin post page.

Some people think that Bloglovin takes all of the content and make it their own - This is not entirely true, but I have a fix for this.

Hint: This tip is dedicated to self-hosted WordPress users. If you are using Yoast SEO plugin, there is a similar functionality to the plugin, but I will make it short.

Note: If you are using blogger, please check this url

This plugin will help you to prevent bloglovin copy-pasting your full articles, and will increase direct visits to your blog to 200%!

Send images to RSS -
(no, I am not the owner and not affiliated with this plugin, and the plugin is FREE)

Just follow these 2 steps:

1) Install the plugin (Send images to RSS) on your WordPress blog and access the setting page

General Image Settings:

RSS/Email Image Width >> Let it use the default number
Featured Image Size >> Choose the biggest size
Featured Image Alignment >> Anything
Process Both Feeds >> Uncheck

Full Text Settings:

Simplify Feed >> Uncheck
Alternate Feed >> Uncheck
Featured Image >> Check
Change Small Images >> Check

Summary Settings:

Excerpt Length >> 50-70
Read More Text >> you can use your own read more, or leave it default.

2) Go to your reading settings on WordPress:

Settings >> Reading >> For each article in a feed, show >> Summary.

And you are good to go, All of your future posts will only show a few sentences of your article on bloglovin and readers will continue reading your full articles on your site.

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