Get More Targeted and Loyal Readers
To Your Blog Faster & Easier
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Meet LovinManager: A Powerful & Effective
Bloglovin Account Monitoring & Promotion Service (BAMPS)

LovinManager is an effective social media service that’s fully dedicated to online bloggers just like yourself who are in great need of more online traffic and loyal blog readers. Thanks to the amazing platform, BlogLovin, now any blogger can easily increase their online traffic to gain more targeted readers and subscribes to their own personal blog!

So what exactly Is BlogLovin anyway?
BlogLovin is a simple online platform that allows you to follow all the blogs you love, in one easy-to-read interface. Now instead of having to jump from blog to blog, you can get all the latest and greatest blog posts from all of your favorite blogs in one spot. And yes, you can add all the blogs you love.

How can a service like BlogLovin actually help you get more targeted blog readers? 
And not just any blog readers…only those who’ll love to follow and read what you have to say?

Here’s how: BlogLovin has more than 16 million users and exploding in growth, and not only do these fanatic blog readers use BlogLovin to track and read their favorite blog posts across all their favorite blogs…but it’s also their GO-TO RESOURCE to find new and highly-related blogs as well.

This is where you can pop up and grab their attention!

Can you imagine how many more loyal readers you could gain when you can get in front of that many users, who are reading similar blogs related to yours?


LovinManager Combines The Best of BlogLovin + Effective Blog Promotion…To Explode Your Blog Readership!

Get More Blog Visitors!
We’ll help you get more loyal blog visitors, and take care of the hard work for you!
Focus On What You Do Best!
LovinManager let’s you focus on what you do best, and that’s blogging! We’ll drive the traffic!
Save More Precious Time!
We save you time by helping you with promotion. All you have to do is create good content!
Earn More Money Blogging!
By getting more online traffic, this will allow you to earn even more money with your blog!
Here at LovinManager, we use the power of social media and social engagement to “boost” your own blog posts (or even your entire blog) to make them go viral and get noticed to millions of rabid, blog-hungry blog readers right on BlogLovin. These are highly targeted readers with unique interests who want to follow even more blogs just like yours!

By letting our expert team manage your BlogLovin account, we can help you get more followers. More followers means even more readers for you. Look at it just like any other social media account. If you have zero Facebook or Twitter followers, no one will even know you even exist.

The more loyal followers you have on your BlogLovin account, the more readers you’ll get on your own blog and blog posts. Plus, as your follower count grows, so will your chances of becoming “Featured” more often not only on BlogLovin, but you’ll also show up more often in BlogLovin user reader feeds as well.

LovinManager keeps a daily monitor on your BlogLovin account (except Sundays). If there’s a new update, our expert team will then go to work to make sure you get more user engagement with your new article or post. This means more LOVES and SAVES of your latest blog posts, which will help you boost your blog traffic and readership!
This way with the help of LovinManager, all you have to do is focus on what you do and love the most…and that’s publishing great content on your blog. We’ll take care of all the rest for you to help send more targeted traffic and readers your way!
And the best part about LovinManager is the cost…

Now instead of trying to master the art of online advertising platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads (which can be difficult and super expensive!) for a very affordable monthly subscription fee, you’ll grow your blog traffic and readership the SIMPLE + EASY way. All hands free on your part! We’ll take care of all the hard work and promotion for you. All you have to do is blog!

When you create new blog posts, you’ll have a small army of loyal and happy readers who want to read what you write! By increasing your blog readership and reach, this will open up doors of opportunity for you to monetize and even make really great profits from your blog as well!

Here’s Our Unique Process & How Our Friendly Expert Team Will Go To Work For You!

We keep an eye to your bloglovin account everyday (monday-saturday)
If there’s a new update, our team will pick one article you create that day and get user engagements into it.
Your article will appear on bloglovin's popular page and will be noticed by more readers!
You'll notice Increase of readership on your bloglovin account, increase engagements, get more loyal readers.
Try Us Out Risk Free! And Our 100% “No Hassle”
Money Back Guarantee!
The great thing about trying LovinManager for yourself is you can try us out risk free. We even offer a special “Trial Package” as well to make it easier for you. We want to prove to you just how effective and powerful our service is, and that’s why we not only offer you reasonable subscriber packages you can choose from, but we also back up our service with a complete 100%, no hassle, money back guarantee as well. Plus, there are no contracts or long-term commitments either. You can cancel anytime.
If you find that we don’t drive more readers to your bloglovin account, we’ll happily refund your entire purchase with us, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose, and the risk and all the hard work is on us.
To get started, simply choose the package you want to start with below



24/7 Monitoring & Promotion (Mon-Sat) - 1 article will be promoted per day.
Grow your Audience on Bloglovin
Get more visitors to your blog
Satisfaction Guarantee
Cancel Anytime


24/7 Monitoring & Promotion (Mon-Sat)
Grow your Audience on Bloglovin
Get more visitors to your blog
Satisfaction Guarantee
Cancel Anytime
Start using lovinmanager TODAY

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you guarantee traffic?
YES, We do! 
We recommend you to update your blog frequently to get the max potential of this service.
What is your method to generate traffic?
We will get more USER ENGAGEMENTS to your new articles on bloglovin. There are 2 buttons on bloglovin: LOVES and SAVES, and you’ll see decent amount of engagements to boost your articles become featured and appear on bloglovin’s popular page.
What are needed to get started?
You only need to tell us your Bloglovin URL, Login details are not needed.
Do you work for Foreign-Language Blog?
We only accept English-Language Blog at the moment, since majority of Bloglovin Readers are from US/UK/EU.
Is this service SAFE? How about my privacy?
Yes, it is. We don’t have your login details so you are SAFE. We respect your privacy, your information won’t be leaked anywhere.
Can I cancel the subscription?
Yes, Anytime. The service will keep running until the last date.
Will I get more followers on Bloglovin?
We can’t guarantee followers as it really depends on your blog content. If you have good contents and updating regularly, we are sure many readers will follow your bloglovin account.
I have another question
Feel free to contact us 
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